There are many factors to consider in answering this question. As a web design company you may find our answer to be biased, so instead we will try only to ask you some questions that may help you answer this question for yourself.
• Is a web site economically sensible for you or your company?
• Are you finding yourself or your employees spending a large amount of time devoted to customer service?
• Would your clients and/or customers need to have your information available to them 24-7?
• Are your clients and/or customers ecologically conscientious? Would they prefer digital or paper access to your information?
• Are you targeting a local, national or a global market?
• Where will your company be five years from now?

These question will help get you on the right track to answering that question “Do I need a web site?”. It is important to us that you know what you want and we are here to help, even if that means helping you decide that you do not need a web site. We do not want to sell you what you do not want, it is simply not a smart business practice. We believe that if we help a customer get what they want they will come back for more.