Can you guarantee me a #1 position in Google?

No, we can’t guarantee a #1 organic spot and beware of anyone that does. There are over 200 factors that affect search engine results placement, including such things as location, longevity of site, quality of inbound links, the competitiveness of the market and many many more. We target the best keywords for your business and use strategies to get you on the first page. First page real estate can be taken with local search results and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements, with proper optimization and ad triggering.

Should I consider running sponsored ads (aka PPC ads) on Bing and/or Yahoo?

Absolutely. Although Bing has fewer users than its biggest competitor Google, those that use this search engine have statistically taken action more often. For our clients, the costs per conversion are sometimes lower on Bing than on Google. There is only one search advertising platform, Bing Ads, to advertise on both Bing and Yahoo. This enables you to advertise to a wider audience with just one tool.

My Google AdWords campaign has AdGroups with low CTRs and conversion rates. Can you help?

Yes. We provide a service to optimize existing Google AdWords campaigns. Once we understand your business and business objectives, we will review your campaign, the keywords and ads. There are techniques that can be employed to optimize the campaigns which should increase click-thru rates, lower cost per conversion and increase conversion rates.

While click-thru-rates tell us how many people clicked through to your site, they do not tell us how many people took the desired action. Therefore the number of conversions and cost per conversion/acquisition are the key metrics when analyzing the success of a PPC campaign.

I have a small business in a specific geographic area, can PPC advertising bring me business?

Absolutely. A PPC advertising campaign can be geographically targeted to specific locations and regions. Geo-targeting is well suited for brick-and-mortar stores and service businesses operating within a specific region, for instance real estate agencies and other professional services. Your PPC ads show only to those within the geographic area that are setup within the campaign. As with a local newspaper, you are only advertising to the target audience who is likely to use your service or buy your product.

Would outside PPC Management and Optimization services benefit me?

PPC Management and Optimization can help improve your ROI. If you are lost in the lingo, don’t have the time, or are not seeing the results you hoped for, then consult a Pay Per Click management firm to help deliver better ROI. Contact E-Power Marketing to learn how we can help you drive quality traffic to your Website through PPC advertising and let our experienced team review your current program.

How does Search Engine Marketing help my business?

If you have a business, your internet presence is the most important business tool you have working for you 24/7. Search Engine Marketing benefits your business by:

  • Increased sales for your eCommerce site,
  • Increased leads to your professional services business,
  • Increased numbers of visitors to your brick-and-mortar business,
  • Increasing whatever action you want the Internet visitor to take.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

SEM is a form of Internet Marketing that promotes websites by increasing website visibility in the search engines. It’s an umbrella term comprising many activities including search engine optimization (SEO), local search optimization, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media optimization (SMO), visitor analysis and more.

Why do I need to write copy for my web site?

Content is king” when it comes to the Web. It almost sounds cliché now but it still hold true. Remember that the Web’s purpose is to provide information to users; having fresh, unique, useful copy implemented regularly on your site is one of the best ways to achieve good rankings. Not only does it intrigue visitors to visit your site and provide new content for the SE’s to crawl but sites with great content are more likely to be linked to by outside sites, improving its overall strength online.