Bharti Dhiman

Founder , CEO

“Your Strong Desire Make Your Destiny.”

As the Founder & CEO at TivraSoftech, Bharti is a highly respected and widely recognized business leader. With strong business spirit, She started TivraSoftech to attain the highest standing in the web community with a panel of skilled professionals for all kind of web/mobile and Social media  services.

She takes her social responsibilities very seriously. This is manifested in her involvement in Motivational leading to company , Professional Teaching to New-born member of company and Curious to learn new things.

Shivani Dhiman

Co-founder, CFO

” An organization’s achievements are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”

As the Co-founder & CFO at TivraSoftech, Shivani has taken all the administration and financial decision with her strong decision making skills. Her unending passion to garner clients and build long-lasting relationships astonishes everyone she meets. With a natural knack for marketing and promotion and her experience , Shivani is a  crucial part of our success.

Pankaj Dhiman

President Operation and R&D

” The ultimate inspiration is the deadline. “

“Dream Big” has always been Pankaj’s ideology. Why stop short of better – that is his approach on research and development. His mind is always ready with innovative ideas and always attentive to research with non-stop energy & dedication.

Ekta Dhiman

President Sales & Marketing

 Watch everything with eagle’s eye because accuracy becomes achievement.”

Ekta has a young and open go-getter personality ensure every task delivered on time. With open and transparent communications among employees and clients, Ekta has created an environment that assure and creates the right experience for our customers. Her focus on the little things and her exceptional organization skills keep us all on track.

Vishnu Attray

President Design and Creation

“Quality is never an accident. It’s the result of outstanding thought and effort.”

A young soul of Vishnu has passion for design & creation by birth. He knows the importance of strong visual cohesion and strives to tie each element of your brand together. With a outstanding skill of designing , He has a wonderful experience in social media engagements. 

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