Engagement Model

The Newspaper Model

Yes, you read it right. Just like the newspaper man delivers a copy to your doorstep every day without fail; we offer you a retainership model where we meet your web services needs day-in and day-out for an agreed upon FIXED AMOUNT per month.

The Guest model

It’s just like how all around the year you have guests who come over, stay for a few days and then bid good-bye; we offer to service you on a PROJECT BASIS only when needed and to deliver the immediate tasks at hand.

The Parking-bay model

When you go shopping to a mall, you are charged on an hourly basis for availing the parking services of that particular parking bay. Similarly when you want to avail our digital expertise only for a few hours a day or few days in a month, where you avail our services and pay us on WORKING HOURS..

The wingmen model

Yes, you just can’t do without these genius minds if you have to get anything done on the web. These are some of the best developers you will find around and if you are more comfortable in working with these dedicated resources directly, then we give you exactly that. You can have access to our team of technical resources all to yourself, who will be backed by our technologically sound infrastructure and cater to all your requirements.

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